GEONISS - Vertical Aerial Photography with ECO Attitude


Very fast development of digital high resolution sensors for small and medium format cameras brought a whole new era into vertical aerial photography. Using light and ultra light aircrafts means ECO attitude – professional results with low noise and gas pollution. New GNSS and INS navigation systems enable to register precise location of each photograph what make postprocessing faster and more accurate.

Where to Use?

Our fragile ecosystem is changing fast due to aggressive urbane development and due to natural disasters like forest fires, earthquakes, land and snow slides, floods, hurricane winds. For planning and rebuilding purposes we must do aerial monitoring, documenting changes in natural and urbane environment. Geoniss is well suited for small and medium areas of aerial survey and for low budget monitoring projects. Perfect for digital orthophoto map production, suited also for photogrammetric measurements.
Aerial Photo of Ljubljana Castle


High Quality

  • Precision vertical aerial photography
  • 24-60 MP digital camera sensors
  • Metric calibrated lenses and cameras (service)
  • Resolution from 0.03 mm

Low Cost

  • Light aircraft
  • Light camera and navigation system
  • 2000 km operational range (Pipistrel Sinus Motorglider)
  • Generates new products (frequent monitoring and documenting changes …)

Ecology Flight

  • Fast
  • Low noise
  • Low gas emissions

GEONISS system consists of on-board navigation computer, camera gimble and software for aerial survey.

Supported functions

  • Planning of aerial survey routes and exposition points
  • GNSS navigation
  • Pilot guiding during aerial survey flight
  • Triggering of the camera
  • Correcting the camera orientation

System can be completed with Hasselblad H3D or Nikon D3X camera and professional GPS receiver for data collecting and post-processing.

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